In the spirit of equal airplay....
Posted by bozino 10 years ago
I journaled last year about the journey of bozlet1 and his team as they went through the Odyssey of the Mind. They won their regional tournament, then won the state tournament, then placed very respectably in the World Finals.  
Well, it's OM time again. bozlet1 is taking a breather this year. This year, bozlet2 is at the top end of his age bracket. They competed this past weekend in the regional tournament.  
The backdrop to their "set" was a large frame constructed of PVC. Two days before the tournament, one cross piece fell and shattered. They got a new piece, no problem. However, the new piece was thicker and was much tighter in the fittings connecting to the rest of the frame.  
At the tournament, they had to bring the backdrop into the room in pieces. The clock starts, and they have to put it together, and complete their play in 8 minutes. They struggled getting it together, and finally got it up. However, one of the top corners was just resting on the fitting. The inevitable happened at a key point in their performance.  
The kids weren't phased. They worked thru the rest of their problem, and ad-libbed the part of the one kid who was now holding the backdrop together. They also went over their time limit. Things were not looking good.  
There are three things they get rated on. One is this performance. Despite their issues, they ended up with the top score in their age group. They also ended up with the top scores in the other two parts (style and the spontaneous competition).  
They ended up winning. By a lot. So, now it's on to State Finals....  
Congrats, kids!
shigpit: Very nice. Go Smart Kids!
pdxpogo: go go go. It sounds better in my head. but shit yeah with emphasis
AB: YEAH! Go bozlet2 and crew! Bring home da bacon!
I prefer a good Mule Odyssey
FoolProof: But great job!