Posted by ultrafastx 10 years ago
Two things:  
1) Neil Gaiman raises bees. Awesome.  
2) Neil Gaiman respond to my tweet asking him what his honey was like. More awesome.  
3) My wife went insane at #2.
crataegus: Neil Gaiman is now 1000000000000x cooler to me than he was yesterday.
FoolProof: Is that mathematically possible?
crataegus: There's no upper limit on the scale of cool.
ultrafastx: I was so excited about this that I could neither form coherent sentences nor count.
vinfille: Doesn't Gaiman live in the Twin Cities? So he's raising cold climate bees?
AB: Brrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ultrafastx: Yes, and yes. He lost two (of four) hives over the winter, but he's planning to have six this summer. He has "bee" entries on his blog.
ultrafastx: Oh, and apparently his honey has one blue ribbon prizes.
FoolProof: Judges were fans of his.
ultrafastx: s/one/won  
stupid English
aktaeon: If you find the one/won thing confusing, wait until you try to talk about things that may or may not be, may or may not have been, will or won't happen, possibly on a recurring basis sometime in the past, future, or present. Saying that the English imperfect is imperfect is imperfect. It doesn't go far enough, if it even goes at all.
Schauspieler: Like I needed more proof of how unbelievably awesome Neil Gaiman is
Henry: who is he?
Schauspieler: Neil Richard Gaiman (IPA: /ˈgeɪmən/) (born November 10, 1960) is an English author of science fiction and fantasy short stories and novels, graphic novels, comics, and films. His notable works include The Sandman comic series, Stardust, and American Gods. Gaiman won the 2009 Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book. The extreme enthusiasm of his fans has led some to call him a "rock star" of the literary world.  
He lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.  
Henry: Thanks.
Better late than
reapre: Late to thread.. Sweet info. My wife shall also soon go the way of previous wives before ye (aka insane at number(s) 1-3.  
FoolProof: lol. I misread that and thought you were getting divorced.