God i'm a dork
Posted by XIV 10 years ago
Gee, why don't i just put things i have on my desk in awkward and retarded poses and take pictures to post online? (sigh)
Schauspieler: I have Crow on my monitor at work too :)
crataegus: Tell them what's plastered around the rest of your office...
FoolProof: You mean besides the management?  
Schauspieler: Well there is the Inuyasha stuff....
You are, but...
FoolProof: ...that's not the worst I've ever seen. Post a pic with all the other dorky stuff on your desk and maybe you'll be in contention.
XIV: good lord man, the world's not ready for that!! someday...
FoolProof: This afternoon?
XIV: quit pushin me!! you know, there's nothing stopping you from waltzing over here and sabotaging my precious, precious privacy with a camera on the weekends.
XIV: Cmon mang, live daaaaangerously.
FoolProof: You're under arrest.
XIV: Your move, creep.
FoolProof: Dead or alive, you're coming with me.
you need to open a few more windows
pdxpogo: on that computer, I don't think you have enough applications open.
FoolProof: That's pretty tame.
ultrafastx: I want that Vault-Tec bobblehead.  
My desktop wallpapers at work are Spike Spiegel and Ed from Cowboy Bebop. I have a couple figures, but I decided to keep it to a minimum in case someone important comes by my office. Of course, I'm in a group where the distinguished engineer--a national leader in his field--has a fart machine and one of our other senior guys used to have a 3 ft. tall Roswell Grey stuffed figurine.
FoolProof: Aren't you, like, a professional nerd though? Those guys sound world class. XIV's just a cube monkey like me.
ultrafastx: Yes, we are indeed professional nerds. We have things like big lasers and lots of physics simulations. And one guy who has a Princess Mononoke poster on his door.
FoolProof: I wanna work there. :(
lorddimwit: Yeah, the bobblehead is pretty all right, but I'm holding out for the Vault-Tec lunchbox. But I might have to settle for making my own Nuka-Cola.  
...if I were more of a nerd, that is. Ahem.
XIV: The bobblehead came with the lunchbox, but i thought setting crow in front of it might escalate dork levels into the danger zone.
FoolProof: For you, there is no escape.