many thanks
Posted by bozino 10 years ago
Many many thanks to those who tried to help me thru the great "bozino computer crisis of January aught9". I ended up having to reinstall XP (thanks to thee who suggested it). The beast was indeed mighty. The upside is the the ghastly compy is acting MUCH better now. The downside....well, my bad. Outlook Express does NOT keep contacts in a .dbx file. They must be exported first....  
She'll get over day....maybe....when she realizes what I went thru to get it to this point
bozino: The infection seems to be related to this, which was supposedly patched previously by this. That latter fix was already installed on the infected machine, so I'm skeptical.  
This thing was nefarious. Or I'm clueless. My bet goes to the latter...  
Either way, I wish the MS Beast would write the impact of their issues in real language. I've read it five times, and still don't understand the real my machine being hijacked and google not working.
getting hit by a zero day exploit
pdxpogo: are slim to none. Would have liked a crack at it. There are any number of ways to get tagged the nastiest ones can be very hard to remove without a rescue disk (bart pe) to boot from. Always install your microsoft updates. If you are behind a router on a private network don't worry about "open ports". FUD runs deep mostall the crap stems from warez chat room sharing and or email attachments. There are damned few worms out there where you can get infected doing nothing. There is almost always a click involved.