Overheard in my house:
Posted by smith 10 years ago
We are in the midst of New Year's Eve preparation. Our party this year, as always, is centered around video games. This year's multiplayer game is RockBand.  
clu asks: Are you going to dress all rock and roll tonight?  
smith says: I was planning on wearing that t-shirt with the koi fish tattoo design.  
clu says: so are you going to do your make up all dark, with red lipstick?  
smith says: I really hadn't planned on it.  
clu says: no ripped nylons? No bikini top?  
smith says: do you want me to look "rock and roll" or like a groupie at a Def Lepard concert?  
clu says: but you're not old.  
Thanks, clu. Thanks.
LowFlyingMule: such a good boy he is!!
wait, wha...?
MrsBot: ripped nylons and dark makeup is not an everyday sort of clothing option?
AB: Funn-ay
FoolProof: hahahaha
FoolProof: Rock and roll culture sure has changed. (thankfully)