Posted by bear 10 years ago
the words/phrases Really? and I know! should be eliminated from popular usage. What phrases would you like to eliminate?
Hugh2d2: "I'm sorry, but..." followed by a statement the person is IN NO WAY sorry for saying.  
Drives me nuts.
Let's see
SpearmintFur: "Gay" as a negative adjective ("Dude, $6.99 for well drinks? That' so gay!").  
"Bra" as an alternative abbreviated version of "brother" ("Chillax bra, we just got some wine coolers").  
"Chillax" as a portmanteau of "chill" and "relax."  
"4" as a replacement of "for."  
Mac: Champy gets extra points for using the word 'portmanteau' in a sentence (or loses points...I'm not sure which).