Posted by smith 10 years ago
Magic Bars  
Glazed Maple-Pecan Cookies  
Goldrush Bars  
Peanut Clusters  
Almond Bark  
Peppermint Bark  
In Process:  
Sugar Cookies  
On Deck:  
Russian Tea Cakes  
Cranberry Struesel Bars  
Lemon Lime Butter Wafers  
Jam Thumprints  
Spritz Cookies  
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies  
Grandma Smith
MrsBot: Smith is like my Grandma - she would make all these cookies and put them in tins on the counter. When we went there you could literally choose a cookie like you were in a bakery. From mid-December to mid-January there were more cookies than any normal human could consume.  
Grandma died when I was 6 so you see what a huge impression she made on me with her cookies that I can remember all that even now.
smith: My mom is like your grandma. I've taken over the tradition from her. The trick is do do all her cookies and new ones. I feel sad for the next kid down the line who has to pick all this up.  
FoolProof: Smith is like your new, cool step-mom that tolerates your smoking and drives you places because she wants really badly for you to like her.  
Oh, and she bakes.
MrsBot: Dude, she bakes so much that I'm scared to be near her state. The calories would jump over state lines and come running for me. I don't know how to have that many sweets in my house without going into a diabetic coma, which is why I don't bake them like generations of my family have. Oh, but I have the freaking best coconut macaroon the other night - had dried cranberries in it and a dark chocolate dip on the bottom. YUM!
ultrafastx: you're outta control...
smith: When are you going to be here? How much should I save?
FoolProof: SHHH!!! Don't spoil it for clu, hater!