best gift
Posted by bear 10 years ago
what's the best gift you ever received? Post a picture.
My Nikon coolpix s2
this is the coolest gift I ever received. I use it so much and it came in handy so many times. It's not good for taking pictures in darker places though.  
what's the coolest gift you ever received? post a pic.
FoolProof: Plz resize your giant pics!
Is it a camera
LowFlyingMule: or a friggin' suitcase?
I don't have a picture
MrsBot: But the best gift I ever got is a tie between:  
1. A leather jacket from my mom and dad  
2. Waterford Crystal Millenium champagne flutes with a bottle of crazy expensive champagne from Mr. Bot.  
(these gifts were years apart, btw.)
bear: thanks mrs bot