XIV's Keytar Design Challenge!!!
Posted by XIV 10 years ago
YOU, yes, YOU can have your idea/artwork forever emblazoned upon XIV's weapon of choice. Link to gigantor .png with transparency below for use in your favorite image manipulator. This ain't the real thing (the template will be WAY bigger), but if it's cool enough who knows, might be what I decide to seal to it for eternity...so please, even if the end result is utterly retarded, give it a shot. The more, the better. If you come up with something supremely obscene, best email it to me at the addy below as opposed to putting it in the comments...no one wants to see goatse coming from the D-Beam during a casual NCS, but god damn if I won't give it serious consideration.  
Keytar Template (no idea how to hotlink the actual size pic, always defaults to 800x600 with gol durn photobucket...but if for some reason you don't get the full sized, i can e-mail it upon request from xivspew at gmail d00t com)
XIV: UMP for those who are without seeing...
full size
crataegus: ♥
FoolProof: Yas. I like the kitteh that looks like it has four eyes.
FoolProof: Five, even.