blog combiner
Posted by bear 10 years ago
you know how people have blogs on sites like blogger etc, your friends, but you have to go to each site seperately? i want to use some kind of RSS reader so I can read them all in one page, anyone here do this and can give me some tips?
Google Reader
FoolProof: How concise.
SpearmintFur: Seconded.  
Google Reader has made my web browsing so much more efficient. Now I can spend more of my time on Linkfilter and even things off the Interwebs, like reading or things like that.
bear: seems to work ok so far, but I can't figure out how to read posts I've already read all on one page.
XIV: just make the dropdown at the top say "read items" and leave the text box blank when you search, that just slaps every read article in one long never-ending box.
bear: thank you my friend