don't be cheesy
Posted by bear 10 years ago
Made this Cheese Pie/Quiche/Tart thing a few weeks ago
wow, unbelievable
dorian: you nearly seems to me like a doppelgänger on the other side of the ocean (just had a closer look at your profile here, incredible, so many activities, music and movies i like just the same).  
my gf just talked about goin' to cook some tarts and quiches 'cause they're amongst my favorite dishes - had great ones at the british christmas bazaar last saturday at the ministry of finance in vienna.  
checked out at amazon a cheap 'n' useful small book on this topic by vg german company g+u, have to get it soon, the nearest bookshop is just around the corner of my viennese flat - used to work there 'till '02 in their cd/records department.  
pic looks mouth watering ...
FoolProof: I went on a quiche-love tirade in the chatter completely independent of seeing this comment.  
bear: cool dorian thanks, what is the title of the book?