Pork Adobo
Posted by bear 10 years ago
Pork Adobo enchiladas with onions and cheddar cheese, side of refried beans with tapatio sauce and chipotle in adobo sauce pepper cooked in.
how to make it
get a jar of adobo sauce, even wal mart sells it here. scrape it out of the jar and put in a ziploc bag with cubes of pork or your favorite pieces of flesh.  
marinate it for a day or so  
put in a slow cooker on low mix in a can of diced or stewed tomatoes and a little water  
Let it cook for a long time until the pork is cooked on the inside.  
eat it just like that or put in a tortilla. Pretty sweet and very delicious.  
warning! may be too flavorful for those with sensitive taste buds
bear: cooking in onions to this might be a good idea
looks nommy
FoolProof: nom