Crab and Shrimp Bisque
Posted by bear 10 years ago
i made this last night, I left out the corn and added jumbo shrimp, it was the BOMB!  
They left out how to make the roux, in a seperate pan, 1/2 a stick of butter melt in the pan and then 1/2 a cup of flour stir it in.
Hugh2d2: Did you use fresh "crap"?
LowFlyingMule: I hope them was soft-shell craps.
bear: yep some leftover crab legs, ripped the meat out of em. Frozen shrimp. I didn't have crab boil so I just put old bay seasoning. I also added a dash of clam juice which smelled gross as hell.  
I also added a dash of paprika on top when served and cooked in a few fresh basil leaves.  
You need a few sliced of french bread with this.
FoolProof: crappy.
johnny2000: yummy yummy