F*** all
Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
I lost a one million dollor job today. Even though I was 20k or so less, due to the fact I had website that sucked. Bear, you were right bro...  
BTW, I'm getting drunk tonight.
Darwish: Yeah. A website makes a big difference. Allow me to make a long and detailed explana- OOH!! LOOK SHINY THINGS!!
shigpit: Sorry Lag, even if you pay more attention to your actual line of work than a website. I hope the indivisuals who didn't choose you are complete micromanagers and the ones who got the job are in a more lucrative area of hell.
Truth be told...
lagbnaft: guys. I had been letting my wife develop it (the web site), and, with our life being the way it has been it's never fully been developed. Plus, as Bear has told me, it's not developed the way it should be.  
Sorry I was wineing here last night. It just sucks to put over 100 hours into something and not get anything for it. Gosh, will I ever get to the point where I can have a full staff and not have to do so much myself...
FoolProof: The site is nice, aesthetically, but very, very basic. What you would expect to link you to another page ('read more') is just plain text and not a link at all.  
IMO, you should just pay the money and have somebody to whip out a flashy one.
MrsBot: What sucks for me is to work hard all day long at a job I'm minimally appreciated for doing, drastically underpaid at, and repeatedly abused in, to come home to a dirty house, a hungry toddler, a hungry husband, and another 2 hours of work to do before I can sit down to watch an hour of tv in a zombie-like manner before I fall into a death sleep to be awoken the next day and start all over again. That sucks. But what REALLY FUCKING BLOWS is that I know my life is never going to get one itsy bitsy bit better unless I force myself through roughly 3 years of school while working and doing all the other above named shit. In the last week, I have had my water turned off for non-payment, my gas turned off for non-payment, negotiated with my electric company and the cable company to extend my cut off dates. Wrote a check for a rebuilt transmission that I only HOPE they will send through the bank 2x before trying to file a mechanics lien on my car. My mortgage was on a repay agreement and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the last payment cleared so that we can MAYBE have a month while they redo our loan of no mortgage payment.  
So if you want to drink to someone's pain, drink to mine. I'm not complaining:::: THIS IS HOW I CHOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE OBVIOUSLY. I have made my bed and now I lay in my holey sheets and dry my ass with my frayed towels.  
But please excuse me if I don't shed crocodile tears that you didn't get a million dollar bid.
lagbnaft: Girl, I keep folks busy with work. They and their families rely upon me to supply them with said work. Most (if not all) of my wineing was in worry for them.  
I admit, I DO have. And the economy does not really affect me. It only matters that I take my job as employer seriously.  
BTW, I have a personal relationship with ALL my full time employees. I know their families very well.
MrsBot: Well, Lag, you didn't really extrapolate on those positions in your original post.  
Also, I might be a bit touchy about money as late as its been tight and I'm worried.  
So ... grain of salt?
lagbnaft: Sorry...
bear: i think the site looks pleasant, I was more talking about adding content that will help you get search engine placement.
lagbnaft: I know Chris... I was not meaning to imply anything negative. Trust me bro, we will be talking soon.
For the Mrs...
lagbnaft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b572CTzybrY
XIV: .......um. what...uh...why?
lagbnaft: If you spoke Italian you'd know why... it's a song about life's struggles. I'm a Texas moron but my wife speaks, reads, and writes German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. She has opened my mind to a whole different way of thinking. Hence, my posting of this song.