Final entry
this will be my last post on LF,so enjoy your victory.You are not qualified to judge me.I spent 6 years in the USAF,15 years in Mental Health,socialservices,drug/alcohol,crisis,in/out patient,community based,juvenile offenders,adults,children and adolescents.(imagine a psychotic 3 year old,try it)Ive also been an EMT and lived in small town where if one cop was on duty and his backup was a trooper 30 miles away,they could come to my home ,I would raise my hand and grab a weapon to help them run a hot call.I have saved lives,I have failed to save lives too.And when my mother in law was left paralyzed and speechless by a stroke,I helped my wife care for her in my home.Meanwhile her children,all good socially aware,loudly opiniated Minnesota liberals didnt have the time or strength to help more than for a few hours or days at a time.Yet they could come to my home to visit her on a holiday and run their mouth at me just like you.Because 'liberals' like them and you are in the know and they are a superior breed somehow.They have the corner on the market on insight and caring.Oh really.Real liberals walk the walk,they are in the trenches,making a difference.Not just carrying signs,writing checks and kicking ass on a keyboard.You sir are an asshole and I could deal with that,as long as you were out in the open about it.That other members choose to nod,approve,encourage and at times join in your antics and ridicule I cant deal with.I've never had any illusions about belonging to the social milieu here ,I was content to remain on the fringes and post things and make occasional comments.I dont insult and harrass people.You can play yourself as a hero of the social justice movement and these people can go along but I know what you are,a smug,superior,belligerent,loudmouthed buttwipe.When you have done the things I have,then you can judge my intelligence,humanity,compassion and my motives.'Liberals' like you are malicious and poisonous,everywhere you go,driven only by anger.You are a nasty,ill mannered little man,a prick of the 2 inch variety and my guess is thats all you'll ever be.
Feel bad
kingskyprawn: I feel bad about not commenting to your earlier two journal posts, just to satisfy my curiosity. And I don't know where this discussion is you've been having with Mr. 2 Inch. In any case, I hope you come back after a cool-off period.  
XIV: I can't imagine you doing this IRL. seems out of character.
bozino: so he uses spaces IRL?
XIV: No. No, he does not.
lagbnaft: As to why you are leaving I am clueless. I can only assume...  
LF is a strange mix of folks, all with opinions many times differing. Sorry to read you feel the need to not 'hang out' here any more.  
I can't say I blame you.
Horpy SpoonDigger: I'm sorry you left but I'm not really suprised. In fact after the unfair hounding by some and the seeming acceptance of said behavior by others you endured, I would have been suprised if you chose to stay.  
Those of us who know you are keenly aware you are no racist and many of the attacks and accusations leveled at you recently were not only off base but quite frankly way over the line. I'm not sure if People don't understand how hurtful their comments are or if they just don't care.  
I think the tipping point for me was when I tried to redirect a particularily ugly accusation. I alluded to the fact that I knew you personally and your were not a racist. I tried to do it with a little humor instead of a confrontational manner. Regardless of the attempt, it was pretty clear to me the fact I wasn't taking part in ganging up on you was not okay. Your accuser then turned on me and others began making comments in support of him and questioning that I simply didn't know the definition of racism.  
Sometimes the best thing to do is just walk away. XIV may think your reaction in this case is "out of character" for you but that comment in and of itself smacks of some sort of wrong doing or inapropriatness on your part. Now I know XIV didn't mean any harm by his comment. I'm simply using it as an example of how sometimes I think people end up unintentionally piling on someone with their two cents.  
I find nothing out of character in walking away from a community of people who accuse you of being a racisist idealog. Walking away from a ranting moron attempting to pick a fight with you at every turn lends me to give you high marks for your judgement.  
I enjoy linkfilter, and I try to think the best of the people who frequent the site. I think most everyone here are good people. However it really seems online communities often bring out the worst in people.  
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know Rover you are not crazy. I saw what was happening too and I can see why you were hurt.
FoolProof: I think it's clear there are a couple of things that need to be worked out before we can throw our hands up and declare shenanigans here.
aktaeon: Enjoy your victory  
You are not qualified to judge me  
Run their mouth at me just like you  
Real liberals walk the walk,  
They are in the trenches,  
Making a difference.  
Not just carrying signs,  
Writing checks, and  
Kicking ass on a keyboard  
You sir are an asshole  
I could deal with that  
That other members choose to nod,  
Approve, encourage and at times join in your antics  
I cant deal with.  
I've never had any illusions about belonging to the social milieu here,  
I was content to remain on the fringes  
I don't insult and harass people.  
You can play yourself as a hero, and  
These people can go along, but  
I know that you are a  
loudmouthed butt-wipe.  
Liberals like you are malicious and poisonous  
Driven only by anger  
You are a nasty, ill mannered little man  
A prick of the 2 inch variety  
That's all you'll ever be.  
Unfair hounding  
Quite frankly way over the line  
How hurtful their comments are  
They just don't care.  
I tried to redirect a particularly ugly accusation  
Your accuser then turned on me  
I simply didn't know the definition of racism.  
A ranting moron attempting to pick a fight with you at every turn  
I think most everyone here are good people.  
The worst in people  
Rover you are not crazy
crataegus: You're a twat.
lagbnaft: Couchy's our friend, please be nice. You know I love you Crat.
MrsBot: I honestly hate to jump into this ridiculous fray of nonesense but here is an idea:::  
Put the people you don't like on IGNORE. Its worked wonderfully for me. I have someone on ignore and have had a much less drama filled linkfilter experience since then. No need to take your toys and run away. Just filter out the people you don't like... sort of like tuning them out in real life.
FoolProof: Just because someone puts their fingers in their ears doesn't mean that people aren't talking.
MrsBot: They can talk all they want, but what satisfaction are they getting if I'm not listening? I choose the people I let into my sphere of existence. Those people have continuously earn my respect or care by what they do; if they don't, they are gone.
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bear: hi