Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
badbunny: Hi!
badbunny: Hi!
Holy CRAP!
FoolProof: They're getting big!  
(I think I say that every time you post pics of 'em)
FoolProof: Nice photo, btw.
Very nice picture!
shigpit: They look like they're having fun :)
Yes guys, we were having fun
lagbnaft: And Foop, they ARE getting bigger. We went to the State Fair of Texas on opening day (last friday). My wife even allowed then to saty up till whenever so I took advantage. We got there at 1pm and left at 11pm. We rode the Dart Rail down from Plano as my son Looooooooooooove's trains. Was so damned much fun I'm still reeling from it!  
This photo was taken @ midnight... hence the sleepy heads.