Curve Your Enthusiasm
Posted by LinusMines 10 years ago
Yesterday, I introduced my LG enV cellphone to its replacement (and made it take this photo).  
All the other BlackBerries I'd been interested in -- including the Bold, the Javelin, and the Storm -- were either unreleased or uncommitted to. And after thinking, I'd rather not have to beta-test new hardware, even if it promises iPhoniness, haptic feedback, and a career in fashion modeling.  
So eventually, I'll be connected in more ways than I currently want am. That is, once I figure out how to fully use this Fokker.
FuzzyDave: I left work early today and bought one o' those too. Only mine is red.  
Like the Batphone.
LinusMines: Very Nice!  
I've been too busy this week to put it through proper far, I've just been carrying it around and making goo-goo eyes at it.  
Next stop: installing desktop software and configuring e-mail.
FoolProof: Mrs Foop just got hers in the mail yesterday.  
What the hell is happening??? Has everyone gone CrackBerry crazy?
FoolProof: I'm bothered by the additional $30/mo for internet service for the thing, too. I don't know what the point of these things is for people that don't use it to be more productive.
Well, the "point" would be the same sort of pointlessness so readily available online with a PC, but you get to carry it around with you everywhere so that, if you find a moment that is not filled with being busy, you can more effectively do what the internet is really all about: kill time.  
Also, people around here seem to use them to snarl traffic while text driving.
FoolProof: Foolery, all.
LinusMines: True, there'll be some time killed on this thing, but since I'm a subway commuter, it'll be time that deserves killing.  
My main reason for this was gear consolidation. I got burned one too many times this year by having contact information reside on two separate devices.
I can't impugn killing time, to be sure. It's like the new American pastime. When people's lives consist of a series of intractable delays punctuated by either tedious or recreational activity, these things are a godsend. You get to be engaged when you'd otherwise be bored, and you get to be connected when you'd otherwise be isolated. And you can turn the damn thing off when you feel like it.
FoolProof: See, THAT is cool. I'd totally have one if I was a subway commuter.
I've considered similar things, but then I wouldn't get any reading done.
LowFlyingMule: That is the weapon of choice here, too. The big dogs here at work that get company phones provided for them get their choice between the Curve and one other Crackberry model.
XIV: somehow i had no idea you were a runner. That was totally a good read. Twin Cities Marathon is kinda pimp, esp. with the weather in late March/early April just destroying runners from more...milder regions. You should check it.