Just caught a snake in the grass..
Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
it bit me... it was either a Baby Black Racer or a Copperhead... will let you know and have photo's...
kingskyprawn: Ow!  
Are either of them poisonous? Even if not, how's your tetanus booster history?  
lagbnaft: Was tiny... see here..  
That quick the doc knew I was ok (live 10 min. from the hospital, we took the snake "in-tow").  
GOD how I feel like an idiot... letting my mind imagine I had beeen bitten by a venomous snake..
crataegus: I can see mistaking a black racer (or black water snake) for a water moccasin, but I can't see mistaking one for a copperhead.
lagbnaft: Sorry Crat, Dallas is the farthest North I've ever lived... all we have is Rattlers where I grew up. I'm ignorant on the species of snakes.
bozino: that was exactly what i thought
more photo's
The last photo WAS taken after we found out all was ok and not a danger.  
crataegus: I would have mistaken it for a timber rattler first, killed it, realized it was a colubrid, and then felt guilty.
lagbnaft: BTW, the snake was released, no harm done to him/her.