Caption, Please.
Posted by PAgent 10 years ago
LinusMines: ♫ Oompa Loompa Doompa-dee Doo, cross-dresser with myocardial infarction for you... ♫
Not a caption but
SpearmintFur: I love those bunnies in the background.
caption not necessary
clu: tsia
The End Of Civilization As We Know It
MrsBot: mine ^^^
cornpone: They were short, had green hair, and were ass raping my belly ass.
LinusMines: Abs-crack?
AB: Hey, my stomach crack isn't NEARLY that cavernous.
cornpone: This has been the worst Dragon Con ever.
Schauspieler: "Fans around the world were saddened when Britney Spears died after trying to drink the chocolate river at Willy Wonka's Factory...."
LowFlyingMule: It was then that Hilda learned the truth. She suffers from 'AssonBackwards Syndrome."
FoolProof: Nice, Schau. :D