Posted by ultrafastx 10 years ago
Got Spore last week. I've played it for probably 8-10 hours. The Space stage--which is the bulk of the game play--is a broken piece of crap. For somebody having somebody as talented as Will Wright at the helm, they really dropped the ball. The mechanics and interface are mediocre, making management of your empire (down to the individual colony, of course) tedious, at best. The stage basically consists of getting spammed with requests from your own colonies and your allies to do save them from impending doom. On top of that, there is no quick, easy way to travel between known planets and systems. And because your civilization can apparently only produce a single ship, one must constantly run around trying to do a ton of tasks. Worse still, failure to do these tasks in a timely manner results in your alliances failing, your spice being stolen, and your colonies being destroyed.  
I realized tonight, after having defended my home planet for about the 10th time during this session, that I was no longer having any fun playing. I really had high hopes for this game. I bought into the hype, I suppose. The only thing I'm glad about is that I have a friend at EA, so I got the game for $10.
Ahm Worth It!
All your spices... sheeit you know the drilll.....!!!!!