Posted by bozino 10 years ago
A new mythical creature: The cthulhunicorn.  
AB> You're at work; the air should be dense with miasma from reluctant employees. Your job is to harvest that miasma, and use it as the fuel for your evil eye.  
MrsBot> interesting occult-like perspective you have AB.  
AB> thank you.  
MrsBot> i don't object to it by any means but most people don't tend to think that way.  
AB> well, they can have their rainbows and unicorns and other fluffy, imagination-born whims. I'll take Lovecraft any day.  
AB> but I suppose a lovecraftian unicorn isn't out of the question  
bozino> wait - are you proposing a cthulunicorn, AB?  
AB> I may be on the verge of insanity, boz, but... yes, I am.  
bozino> that's....brilliant  
AB> Science is wonderful, isn't it?  
bozino> shockingly: "Your search - cthulhunicorn - did not match any documents"  
AB> It will in 10 minutes, I guarantee you that.  
AB> Proof that just uttering its name is sufficient to summon the cthulhunicorn  
AB: This ought to speed up the web spiders.
1 hit.
FoolProof: This journal has plentiful GOOD and is an excellent source of WIN.
Well Guys...
pneum0nic: is that a gym sock on your head? You know, that's not even on the list of the top ten things to do with an old gym sock!
FoolProof: I think it's tinfoil. Don't ask where the sock is.