Posted by smith 10 years ago
I had a workshop with Susan Wooldridge, author of Fool's Gold and Poemcrazy. She's insane in all the best kinds of ways. She taught us ways of helping students tap into their creative minds and generate poetry. At first I was skeptical, but it really was quite an experience.  
One of the activities she taught us uses postcards as a way to create sensory imagery and language. A friend of mine who also attended the workshop liked the idea so well, she bought 1,500 postcards from some guy on Ebay. She brought them to the house and we both sorted through them, taking what we wanted. In the end, we had created a pile of the world's lamest postcards. Next year, I'll post them on my wall as my "Museum of Lame Postcards."
smith: I'll have to check it out. These postcards we found are beyond strange. An Amish boy looking very happy to be holding his sheep. Some random furniture in a corner. On that has a girl herding geese with the heading SKANOR!! But my favorite is one of an Ohio river with the caption "what is it?"
FoolProof: Those are quite curious.