Posted by lagbnaft 11 years ago
my 'other mom died', shit.
cornpone: sorry.
I'm sorry
AB: Sorry, lag. Things sound very rough on your end. I really hope you can hang in there.
Mac: Sorry Laggy. Our thoughts are with you.
LinusMines: Strength and comfort to you and yours.
shigpit: My sincerest condolences.
Sorry lag
SpearmintFur: Hope things get better for you.
badbunny: Good thoughts man.
LowFlyingMule: Sorry to hear that, have my condolences.
My condolences
kingskyprawn: Lag - please add my condolences to all the heartfelt comments here.  
So sorry
pneum0nic: Lag, you and your family are in my thoughts.  
I wish strength and peace for you.
Sorry Lag.