Modern times
OK,so the other day was bring your child to work day.One of Barb's work buddies,Pam, brought her litte girl Alyssa,about 9y/o.At some point ,Alyssa was in next cubicle where there was (strangely)an old eletric typewriter.Alyssa was curious,so Pam cranked some paer in so she could use it.Alyssa was perplexed:"how to you know what you're doing if theres no screen?"...demonstrtion follows...then " this is awful loud,can you turn down the volume?"...times do change.BTW Colin is claiming the Comet is cute and fluffy because he went to 'Fluffy school".Baseball is starting for both boys .Michael's schedule especially is a killer...
Fluffy school, eh?
FoolProof: Reminds me of Ss Jr when he wanted to take vampire classes.