'Bourne Identity'
Posted by lagbnaft 11 years ago
Life is a journey and counseling is like orienteering, and the counselor is supposed to be a skilled orienteer. The counselor should be able to read the signs necessary to help clients find their way from where they are to their maturational destination. There are the signs of the trail (hard to identify if there is a lot of brush), and there are the sings on the map. The bible is the Christian counselor’s trail guide or map, drawn up by God, the great cartographer of life. It includes a description of some of the major features of the landscape of human nature (including the best trails — those that lead to the greatest glory for God and well-being for humans), that give us an idea about where we are, where we are to go and how best to get to the proper end of our journey. Like a typical map, it does not provide every detail of the landscape (e.g., every tree). Maps are meant to provide a summary representation of the landscape and offer the essential information (the major streams, levels of elevation and trails) needed to locate one’s present position and to help one get to where one is supposed to go. But a map is a necessity for one who hopes to make some progress and cover some ground.