Close call!
Posted by webhead 11 years ago
Oops! That was a close one! I almost reposted a link, I was about to post, (I'd already pushed the preview button,) and then realized I forgot to search to see if it had been posted before, unfortunately, it's already been posted, (although it's at a different URL now. I think the site is cool, so I'll post it. Dapper is a site that lets you create RSS feeds for sites that don't have them.
SpearmintFur: You can say that again!
Usually, instead of a journal entry...
FoolProof: ...folks just BUMP the link.
FoolProof: Also - lol @ ironic journal repost. You slay me!
webhead: I actually only hit post once, and I don't think I refreshed the page, but I might have.