ok,I asked the kids for christmas lists...big mistake.  
Andrea A hamster,a phone,camera ,BIG doll house,toy hamster...(do you know how hard it is to find a toy hamster?)Colin: toy AK-47,Shrek 3 poster,Simpsons movie,big HALO figures..Michael : laptop with WiFi,cell phone (ps: fliptop),Wii with these games,X Box 360 with these games etc..my own room,cable for my room,books,money..OMG! I asked if he was kidding..'course not. He's only 12!!Last night Snickers the ever fatter cat was snuggling with me ...I guess she tooted cuz OMG tuna surprise.It was bad.Finally Comet the Pomeranian has been trying to play fetch with snow balls,he looks bewilderedwhen he picks one up and it falls apart.
smith: You can find a "real petz" toy hamster at Target.
OMG tuna surprise!
FoolProof: That's my favorite band.