WHPK - The Pride of the South Side
Posted by j d ess 11 years ago
WHPK is, to these ears, the best radio station in a city full of great college radio. I go pretty far back with it, albeit sporadically. After first moving to burbs of Chicago, I spent my first new year's eve in Illinois alone in my bedroom listening to the best of 1985 countdown. Bunch of kids gettin' drunk and playing music is what it was. But it was magic for me. I taped a bunch of it and would kill to have that tape now -- mostly I remember it for being the first time I'd heard Billy Bragg and Big Black. About ten years later the weak signal somehow penetrated the frame of the Sears Tower 50 blocks to the north and helped me survive the tedium paper shuffling for lawyers. Early in the morning, I must've been one of the only listeners, since I won tickets to literally dozens of great shows at Lounge Ax.  
All the moves around the city meant losing the signal. Not a huge deal in a city with WNUR and WLUW, but I always tried to jerry rig an antenna to get it even if I knew it was basically impossible.  
With so many stations streaming, I'd hit the HPK website every now and then to see if they'd hopped on board. After years of delay, I see they finally have and I can't encourage you enough to add it to your bookmarks.  
The Stream: http://www.whpk.org/stream/mp3.m3u  
Schedule: http://www.whpk.org/schedule/
badbunny: Thanks from palatine.