post thanksgiving day news
Thanksgiving has come and gone.Barbara invited the squirrel,her goon husband and the ADD twins so it was interesting....Barbaras reunion is coming up so of course she is reconnecting with people she hasnt seen in a while.Her friend Carol,who we have'nt seen since Barbs dad's funeral,let her know after much hesitancy that her oldest Justin had died this fall.Its pretty sad,Justin was 'global pervasive development delayed',courtesy of reaction to routine immunizations at age 9 months.After the seizures and revival...he would be 9 months mentally forever....bless her ,she managed to keep him home and take care of him until he was 5.Carol is only about 100 lb and 5',so he got big enough that they had to institutionalise him.Pretty sad and ironic since she was a very bright woman.(class valedectorian).She is having a hard time with it.Makes me look at mike kids and be grateful when I think of what shes endured...On a bright note,Mikey is working hard on the sax and seems to be enjoying it.Hes getting better but at times it sounds like an elephnat being tortured...Yesterday Michael and Colin made breakfast!Pancakes,scrambled eggs and ham..with Moms supervision of course.They did fine and were Very pelesed with themseles:Colin "I feel good about myself...I'm in the third grade and I made scrambled eggs".Kids are great