Air: Help Yourself
Posted by j d ess 11 years ago
While heading downtown on my bike yesterday, my back tire was so low I thought it was gonna fishtail out from under me. I started looking for a gas station to fill it up. I'm pretty skeptical of those air machines since I once overinflated the back tire so much it burst (while I was riding it) with a POP that left my ears ringing for an hour after. The first station where I stopped was charging 50 cents. I was indignant. These machines used to be free. Then they were a quarter. I pedaled on. The second station wanted 75 cents! I stopped at five stations and quarter air was nowhere to be found. What a ripoff.
Cheap-o me
shigpit: I drive my car less than 3 miles a day. I have one nearly bald tire, but to go to the train station and back, meh. I don't really care. And I don't want to buy another tire, because I know if I go to the tire place they're going to sell me four.  
So from time to time I need to inflate them. There's a gas station around the corner from the train station I park at, and they have free air.  
A minor inconvenience, but it's saving me the cost of tires.
j d ess: free air? i'd fill those tires up every day.
cornpone: i've done that twice, cost me about 25 bucks both times.
FoolProof: I got charged $26.43!!  
/me grumbles
fabulon7: The gas station closest to here charges 50c for a car, but you can fill up your bicycle tires for free.
These should still be free.
affiliate19: Maybe I though it was a federal law and it's only California state law? If they do charge in your state, sometimes you just have to ask to be given tokens. Often they also can turn the pump on manually from inside. The only caveat is that the station has the right to say no if you aren't a paying customer. Why anyone in their right mind would do that to a potential future customer and/or ad stream, who knows? I've pointed this out to a few managers to get them to shape up.  
Most stations around here still have free paper funnels too, in case you need those for whatever.