T minus 87 hours
Posted by LinusMines 11 years ago
It's the week of the Marine Corps Marathon ('bout time!)  
I got my last long run (8 miles) in Sunday, just about the time the too-dry weather brought back my allergies. I was a Phlegm Fatale for the rest of the day, going through nearly a full box of Kleenex before the pink haze of Benadryl put me under.  
I switched to Claritin-D the next day, and am now back to (residually congested) normal. DC finally has some long-needed rain the rest of the week. If the weekend forecast holds, I'll luck out with sunny-and-65° weather for Sunday.  
Starting the routine of hydration in earnest tonight -- nah, no beer -- in anticipation of the race (and to undo the drying effect of the antihistamine). Clear and frequent #1's by Saturday means I'm good to go.  
My fundraising total to date is just over $1500. Placing that in perspective, the fifth-highest total raised by a runner is over $2500, and the top total -- over three times the amount of the number-two runner -- is nearly $15,000. The total campaign target is $100,000 and we're 88% there as race-week donations arrive. Your 0.0001% or 0.0002% will be welcome -- even through mid-November -- at my donation site.  
What's your projected time, I've been asked. I've always set a conservative goal in the past for charity events, usually because I'm training with a pace group and I feel like lending support when needed. Under those conditions, my fastest time has been 5:27. When running on my own, however, I've stretched out more...my two non-charity marathons have led to personal-bests of 4:59 and later 4:34. Since I've essentially trained solo this year, and I'm feeling healthy, I figure breaking 5:27 might be a lofty-enough goal for the day. That said, I can never tell...my best marathon time was in spite of tendon pains that came out of nowhere to dog me for half the distance.  
(I know what you're thinking...4:34 isn't fast. But hey, for a non-runner who got started very late, I sleep well.)  
So, if you're curious, you can sign up for Remote Runner Tracking at the MCM website (follow the Results link at the left). You'll be able to check my progress, receiving e-mails, pages or text messages as I reach key points along the route.  
In the event that my signal disappears forever, I ask that LF kindly retire my avatar...but don't purge my posts!!
I bet you'll hedge out Zap's record
SpearmintFur: "Yes. He edged out my old mark by two seconds......and 16 minutes...and 12 hours. I do plan to finish someday, Kif. Good hustle, soldier."