Pimp my Nick Jr.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 11 years ago
I here a giant ruckus coming from the other room. I find my oldest son laughing hysterically at this guy on the TV jumping around like an idiot. The guy on the tv looks like a cross between a retro futuristic 70's pimp and a Drum Major. The scene on the tv has terrified my youngest son who is sitting on the couch crying at the sight of this thing on tv. This only increases my oldest sons amusement.  
I stand there watching this for a moment trying to comprehend what I'm seeing. Then 2 small girls wearing dresses and patent leather shoes role across the scene while stradling and riding a GIANT CARROT!! This show is apparently called YO GABBA GABBA. .  
I have no comment for this. I hope you do.
Mac: ‘Yo Gabba Gabba:’ The Future of Children’s Television?  
Ten Ways to Take “Yo Gabba Gabba” to the Next Level  
With two episodes of the highly anticipated “Yo Gabba Gabba” over and out, it’s easy to see what makes the program unique. It clearly seeks the appeal of 30-something parents who crave the retro vibe. The curriculum wavers from prosocial values to healthy personal habits. An underscore of continual beats and video game graphics could even be argued to foster music appreciation, early mathematics principles and media literacy.  
There’s a lot to this new show, which ultimately is a high energy ride for preschoolers born to tragically hip parents.
Youtube: Yo! Gabba Gabba Party In My Tummy  
My kids haven't uhhh...discovered this one (yet).
SpearmintFur: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.  
vinfille: I think I'm voting with your younger son in favor of crying on the couch. Scary.