Texas Legislature
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 11 years ago
fabulon7: Wow. That's really, really amazing. And bad.
crataegus: I'm pretty sure this happens in other states. They just haven't been caught on video, yet. I'm also pretty sure the TX legislature's answer to this will be to bar video recording of sessions "for security reasons."
tomcat101147: The power structure in Texas is corrupt right down to the city sanitation level in lots of ways. Favors, bribes, nepotism, you name it and you'll find it.  
Texans know it but it's so entrenched that it's almost impossible to fight. Whistle blowers are not only ignored but actively persecuted, sometimes to the point of losing everything they have. If it's political anywhere along the line in Texas it's corrupt, has mostly always been and will continue so.
vinfille: That explains some things about the current administration.
lagbnaft: To be fair, all states have their own form of corruption. Be it such as Lyn has described or by unions and the like.