Bandwidth throttling!
School, work and taking care of family is stretching me kinda thin lately, so I'll be cutting back on mah online time (including LF). The Silver Pool campaign will need to go into stasis for a while, until the life situation changes and I have more bandwidth. Hope you are all well!  
LinusMines: Hope to see you back here soon, d*.
handle yer biz
downtown: take it easy mang.
SpearmintFur: I hear you, d*. Hope you'll be back on the Filter soon.
AB: Your presence will be missed, but it'll be a better thing to be all stress-free and such when you're finished prioritizing. :)
LowFlyingMule: Come back when you can then, star-that-is-dark.  
FuzzyDave: Come Back, Li'l Sheba!
When you come back....
FoolProof: ...I expect at least one SP ep per day. ;)
FoolProof: Last Seen: Sep 30, 2007 05:33pm
ortenzia caviglia: Darkstar:  
Could I possibly get in contact with you privately regarding a confidential matter? Cornpone knows my email, I think.  
FoolProof: Bah.
AB: Hab!