Posted by PAgent 12 years ago
* * * crataegus wants to play ETQW.  
crataegus> Schazzy said we're not allowed to get an XBox 360 though.  
FuzzyDave> Ebony Tinky-wink's Quesadilla Wrangler?
Dipsy: "Eh-Oh, Po!"  
Po: "Eh-Oh, Dipsy!"  
Dipsy: "Eh-Oh, Lala!  
Lala: "Eh-Oh, Dipsy!"  
Dipsy: "Eh-Oh, Tinky-Wink!"  
Tinky-Wink: "How many times have I told you, my name is now Elijah Malcolm Shabazz?"  
Dipsy: "Sorry, Tinky-Wink"  
Tinky-Wink: "Goddamn right you're sorry. Now that m*therf*ckin' freak-ass baby head has been up for hours, and none of you lazy f*ckers has managed to bring me ONE GODDAMNED QUESADILLA."  
Po: "Sorry, Tinky-Wink"  
Lala: "Sorry, Tinky-Wink"  
Tinky-Wink: "Am I going to have to start slapping Tubbies?"  
Dipsy: "No, Tinky-Wink."  
Tinky-Wink: "Now get out there and wrangle me a damn quesadilla."  
Lala: "Ok, Tinky-Wink"
FuzzyDave: Scuze me while i clean up this pee....
crataegus: If there is not already a Tinky-Winky pimp video, there needs to be.