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Via the Associated Press...  
Thompson gives no opinion on Schiavo  
THE VILLAGES, Fla. - Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson gave no opinion Thursday when asked about efforts by President Bush and Congress to keep Terri Schiavo alive, saying he does not remember details of the right-to-die case that stirred national debate.  
Thompson was asked in an interview for Bay News 9's "Political Connections" program whether he thought Congress' intervention to save the life of the brain-damaged woman two years ago was appropriate.  
"I can't pass judgment on it. I know that good people were doing what they thought was best," Thompson said. "That's going back in history. I don't remember the details of it."  
It was only two years ago, and it was on the news every day, Freddie. Which cave have you been hiding in?  
Seriously, and you want to be President?  
crataegus: Fred Thompson needs a Merry Fsckyoumas email!
Fred don't remember.
darkstar: From Bloomberg:  
Fred Thompson says a top challenge for the next president is fixing Social Security. Asked how his ideas for overhauling the system differ from those of George W. Bush, the actor and former Tennessee senator says: "I don't even remember the details of his plan."  
he's practicing his congressional testimony, just in case there's a scandal, you know, making sure it's consistent with his other public statements.
FoolProof: I wonder what he thinks about Brittany.  
(No I don't.)
And a few more from Clueless Freddie:
darkstar: Via Yahoo News:  
Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said Thursday he was unaware that a federal judge had ruled last week that lethal injection procedures in his home state were unconstitutional.  
Thompson also told reporters he was unaware that the U.S. Supreme Court agreed this week to consider a Kentucky case about whether lethal injection violates the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.  
...It's not the first time Thompson has been caught off-guard by questions on hot-button topics. In Florida earlier this month, Thompson seemed surprised when asked about oil drilling in the Everglades, a major issue in the state.  
vinfille: He's the perfect candidate! He can't screw anything up, because he has no clue what's going on.  
FoolProof: I thought we already knew what that picture looked like.