The Economist knows what's up
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 11 years ago
From The Economist:  
The costliest place in the world to get high is Japan, according to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime's annual World Drug Report. The street price of a gram of cannabis weed was $58.30 in 2005, over twice as much as in the next most expensive nation, Australia. Americans pay nearly twice as much as Canadians. Similar disparities occur in Europe. Although the Netherlands is the only Western country where cannabis can be bought legally, punters pay more there than in Germany or France. Prices are cheapest in developing countries, where enforcement is less strict.  
It's good to see another publication taking some market share from those elitist jerks at High Times.
thatmikeykid: I wonder if the plane ticket to South Africa would offset my savings...
blackvelvetjesus: Maybe they'll ship overseas. Remember, you're ordering coffee.
crataegus: Coffee from Durban...
FoolProof: That's outrageous.