life is strange
Typically,Barbara andI have found that whenever someone new comes into our life ,a baby a pet etc,we lose a pet or person.Its almost like a 1 for 1 trade.seems to be happening again.We now have a little Pomeranian "comet",found abandoned most likely up north at Boot lake.I'm not a little dog type but he really has turned out to be a gem.Meantime,Michaels favorite cat Snickers is sick and I'm not sure she'll make it.Even worse,the Silver Bullet is fading.Gangrene and drug resistant staph.We refused amputation and have her on hospice but its hard for not only her kids but my kids too.Shes the last grandparent...Its not fair really ,my critical,opinionated ,every two day lawnmower neighbor died two weeks ago,dropped dead opening his mail.Barbs mom will die slowly,in pain after raising 6 kids and working in social services for 20 years and all she will get is a miserable death.The surgeon did offer to amputate for aesthetic reasons,the dressing changes would cut down on the smell.Thanks alot