The Hut Sut Song
Posted by darkstar 11 years ago
A blast form the past in this YouTube video of Horace Heidt's "The Hut Sut Song".  
Found this thanks to LinusMines' lolcats hobo cartoonist link in his journal today. On the cartoonist's blog was a link to this video. I'd never heard it, but it was evidently quite a flash-in-the-pan back in the 40s.  
The video description notes:  
"The tune is "The Hut Sut Song (A Swedish Serenade)" by Leo V.Killion, Ted McMichael and Jack Owens. Not sure who fist recorded it, though it's shown up in From Here to Eternity, A Christmas Story, and the Merrie Melody of Horton Hatches the Egg.  
The song is at once catchy and very annoying. Oddly enough, the film focuses on the song's nuisance factor, as four boarding house residents get themselves committed for constantly singing it.  
And like all good 1940's padded cell residents, they end up doing headstands, banging their heads on the wall, cutting paper dolls, and of course, imitating Napoleon."  
And two of the comments tell about the singers, from a group called The King's Men:  
"Just in case anyone wonders -- These are The King's Men:  
Man in tub: Grafton "Bud" Linn (1909-1968)  
Man with electric shaver: Rad Robinson (1910-1988)  
Thin singer with the mustache: Jon Dodson (1907-1964)  
Man with towel draped on arm: Ken Darby (1909-1992)"  
"And the King's Men did perform this more than once on "THE JOHNSON'S WAX PROGRAM WITH FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY" on radio. Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights had the hit recording in 1941."  
Interesting connection:
darkstar: Rad Robinson, one of the singers in the video, is listed by IMDB as the uncredited voice of the Munchkin Coroner in the Wizard of Oz! :)
PAgent: You can find the lyrics here.  
I prefer the Mel Torme recording.
darkstar: Hahaha, awesome!