Fall schedule.
Posted by darkstar 12 years ago
This fall is shaping up to be a cool one:  
* I'm teaching two Chemistry Lab classes (Intro Chem).  
* I'm sitting in on another instructor's Intro Chem Lab class (to hork his ideas).  
* I'm taking two Chemistry classes (Organic and Lab) to review the undergrad stuff before I go back into the grad program.  
* I'm taking a course in stained glass!  
* I'm taking mandolin lessons, finally!  
/me is verra verra excited!
bear: I was thinking of you the other day at this hostel that had a mandolin people could play, I tried it out but all the strings next to each other were tuned the same that didn't seem right but I dunno, bears fingers too big, BEAR SMASH!!
darkstar: hahah! :)  
When I get better, I'll add a better mando track to the guitar piece you sent me and then email it back to you!
bear: I might be back through your way in november or so maybe we can jam then
FoolProof: D'd better hurry up lernin that mandolin, then. :)
darkstar: werd.
If you're teaching a chemistry lab
SpearmintFur: Be sure to show them a sodium and water reaction.  
I hated high school chemistry but watching my teacher dump some pure sodium in water was the shiznit.