A French song I like, worth checking out.
Posted by darkstar 11 years ago
For your viewing and listening pleazhure, with my translation of the lyrics, below:  
DĂ©senchantĂ©e, by Mylene Farmer (Music video.)  
Try to ignore the dance remix they patched in for the first minute and a half. The song really begins at 1:30. The video gives a particular spin on the lyrics, which have a much broader meaning than what is depicted. Of course, the video is one interpretation.  
The sentiment of the song truly grasps a whole generation of French people who are, indeed, turning away from modernist metanarratives and find themselves cast adrift on the winds of a new worldview where there are no easy, black-and-white answers, no unquestionable authority and no firm, comforting philosophical ground beneath them. Of course, that's happening all over the world.  
The song has some excellent imagery and the prosody and alliteration of the refrain in the French is especially remarkable, imho.  
French lyrics (followed by English translation by darkstar):  
DĂ©senchantĂ©e, by Mylene Farmer  
Nager dans les eaux troubles  
Des lendemains  
Attendre ici la fin  
Flotter dans l'air trop lourd  
Du presque rien  
A qui tendre la main  
Si je dois tomber de haut  
Que ma chute soit lente  
Je n'ai trouvĂ© de repos  
Que dans l'indiffĂ©rence  
Pourtant, je voudrais retrouver l'innocence  
Mais rien n'a de sens, et rien ne va  
Tout est chaos  
A cĂ´tĂ©  
Tous mes idĂ©aux : des mots AbimĂ©s...  
Je cherche une âme, qui  
Pourra m'aider  
Je suis  
D'une gĂ©neration dĂ©senchantĂ©e, dĂ©senchantĂ©e  
Qui pourrait m'empĂŞcher  
De tout entendre  
Quand la raison s'effondre  
A quel sein se vouer  
Qui peut prĂ©tendre  
Nous bercer dans son ventre  
Si la mort est un mystère  
La vie n'a rien de tendre  
Si le ciel a un enfer  
Le ciel peut bien m'attendre  
Dis moi,  
Dans ces vents contraires comment s'y prendre  
Plus rien n'a de sens, plus rien ne va.  
English translation:  
Swimming in tomorrows' troubled waters  
To wait here for the end  
Floating in air too heavy  
With nearly nothing to which to cling...  
If I must fall from so great a height  
May my fall be slow;  
I've found no rest  
Except within my indifference.  
Instead, I wish to recover my innocence  
But nothing makes sense and nothing works.  
All is chaos around me  
All of my ideas: spoiled words  
I search for a soul who can help me  
I belong to a disenchanted generation, disenchanted.  
Who could prevent me  
From hearing it all?  
When reason collapses,  
To whose breast can we dedicate ourselves?  
Whom could pretend  
To cradle us within his belly?  
If death is a mystery  
Then life has nothing to hold one  
If the heavens mean a hell exists  
Then the heavens can well wait for me.  
Tell me, In these contrary winds,  
To what can one cling  
When nothing more makes sense  
And nothing works any more?  
techno version
blarp: a few years ago, i listened to some russian pop station all the time. this song alone probably got me through about a year of grad school..
Une autre-
vinfille: Aimez-vous Jil Caplan? J'aime bien. "Toi, et moi, de millions de toi et moi... le petit misere coincee entre le guerre..."
My favorite french song video
darkstar: You know, she is quite remarkable. The body and the moves.
darkstar: Oh right, and her singing! :D
FuzzyDave: she sings too??
darkstar: Or so I've heard...