Posted by darkstar 11 years ago
"The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail... and so far, it's working for us. The Democrats are the ones taking the blame for not getting anything done."  
--Republican Senator Trent Lott  
Roll Call, April 18, 2007  
At least it's nice to have the Republican Senator admit it. But the idea that the GOP is purposefully destroying Congressional effectiveness and undermining our country just to make the Democrats look bad is not something I'd be proud of, personally.  
In any event, while The Republicans' overt strategy to be as obstructionist and dysfunctional as possible so that nothing can be achieved -- and then cast the blame on the Democratic leadership -- HAS resulted in the lowest approval ratings for Congress in modern times, it's not quite panning out the way the GOP had hoped. It appears that folks are wising up to the Republicans' record-pace obstructionism.  
According to recent polling, the majority of folks see Congress's current dysfunction stemming from Republican obstruction, and that the solution to it is to elect more Democrats:  
By 52 to 38 percent, voters in these battleground districts say the gridlock in Washington makes them want to see more Democrats elected to the Congress. That same dynamic is at work even in the Republican-held seats.
Republicans base much of their party ideology on the idea of the inability of government to solve problems. And then when they're elected to public office, they do their best to prove it, even if it means intentionally sabotaging Congress.
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