Some occasionally freaky, but perfectly natural, physiological manifestations.
Posted by darkstar 11 years ago
I was just reading up today on historico-cultural explanations of some physiological behaviors related to sleep. I encountered quite a few interesting tidbits I thought I'd share. Here are some bodily manifestations that, while not well understood, occur to just about everyone at one time or another:  
1. Hypnopompic paralysis.  
2. Night terror.  
3. Hypnagogic hallucinations.  
4. Lucid dreaming.  
5. Restless legs syndrome.  
6. Yawning.  
Finally, one not directly related to sleep, but encountered sometimes in the morning shower right after I wake up...  
7. Mammalian diving reflex.
MrsBot: I sleep eat. Its pretty rare but people do it. Mostly peanut butter or ice cream. Fortunately not any of the gross things that some people who sleep eat get into.
vinfille: A friend of mine sleep eats- usually food, but once scotch tape. She's found a medication that controls it, fortunately.
My brother...
FoolProof: ...had 'night terrors' as a child. It's freaky to deal with. He'd be lying in bed screaming and thrashing about, eyes open, but there was no way to wake him. It'd go on for more than 10 minutes straight. It must be exhausting. Definitely weird.
I can't help it.
FoolProof: The notion of RLS makes me laugh.
Mammalian Diving
vinfille: I wonder if #7 is responsible for the fact that I hate the initial moment when I have to put my face underwater. I love both long showers and swimming, but that first dive or dunk under the shower is an act of sheer willpower.
darkstar: It gives me a small, but not insubstantial, moment of inability to breathe, where my body just decides to take a moment to adjust. I find that if the shower is pouring on my face, it takes greater willpower for me to breathe, even though I'm not at risk of inhaling water. It's kinda freaky.
FoolProof: Welcome to Gitmo.