Babysitting SLIM.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 11 years ago
The science teacher at the school where my wife teaches was in dire need of a sitter for his snake. The snake who's name is slim normally resides in the science classroom at school.  
The science teacher is moving schools and will not be moving into his new classroom until the end of the summer. His wife is deathly afraid of snakes and forbid slim from setting foot.....well...from setting belly in their house. So Slim is bunking with us until he can move into her new proper home with the science students. Slim is a female Royal Python or commonly called a Ball Python. She's almost 3 years old and just under (a very stout) 4 feet long. She should be around 5 feet long at full maturity.  
My son is absolutely thrilled that Slim is visiting. He's 7 years old and a budding herpetologist/Biologist. If it slithers, crawls or walks he's interested. It's not uncommon for him to round up several garter snakes on our farm in an afternoon. Slim's visit has been a great educational experience for him so far. It's amazing to me how fast he's grasped the concept that there is a drastic difference between a domesticated animal and wild animal in captivity.  
Anyway enough about that. Slim will only eat live animals and.........she's showing all the classic signs of being hungry. Let's just say Slim isn't content lately. So we plan on feeding her a medium size rat tonight within the next couple hours. Ball pythons are nocturnal. So would anyone like to see some pics of slim or her meal the rat or would anyone like to see a pic of them together in a group photo as it were?
Horpy SpoonDigger: Mission accomplished.
cornpone: yes, photos please.