You must speed test.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 11 years ago
I've been enduring agonizing internet slow down now for months now. It seems every night my bandwith seems to utterly disappear for at least a couple hours. It took me about 30 minutes to conduct a speedtst. I ended up with 27kbps download and 347kbps upload. My tubes 'r clogged! My 5 cats must have got stuck in the tube again.  
I couldn't take it anymore. I gave up on my desktop pc. I broke out the laptop and headed for the Dmarc. The way my house is wired I can bypass all my in house wiring at the J box and plug my modem directly into the Dmarc. The phone line which is a relatively heavy black cable comes into my house via underground and through a small hole in the cinderblock in my laundry room. It's wired to a standard phone jack which in turn has a connector wire connecting it to my house Jbox. So I can simply disconnect the Jbox and plug in my modem and viola, I've bi-passed all of my in house wiring.  
Being an analyst in the IT field I have some idea how to troubleshoot problems and speak to any telco tech in their own language. Some of what I do is network related. I think that helped a lot. The repair tech was willing to work with me once she realized I was connected directly to their Dmarc, well extended Dmarc. Technically the Dmarc is in a green box in the ditch next to the road access at the end of my driveway. However I was connected to the 50 run of telco line that attatches into the Dmarc and it's only used for my property. I had essentially already ruled out my pc, in house wiring and my LAN.  
I gave her the tracert info and she had me do some random ping tests and she in turn verified a few things from her end. I told her my theory. I think I have a bandwith hog somewhere down the road from me. I have visions of some punk kid getting all hopped up on W.O.W. while simultaneously downloading volumes of movies in a bittorent frenzy. I have so few neighbors out here it would probably be more effective for me to just start knocking on doors until I find the offending squirt and tell him to stop it.  
Well I suggested to her the best way to get to the bottom of this would be to schedule a sniffer on the line out here between 2000hrs and 2300hrs at least a couple nights this week. That went officially right over her head. Thankfully she said she will pass the ticket to one of the local techs at my C.O. (central office). She took down my cell and said the tech will call me in the morning and he can set up a sniffer. I've got your number captain download! I think my next entry should be titled: HELP! I'M IN POWER STEERING PUMP HELL!  
Captain Download must be done with his nightly pirating because my teh innnernets is back up and purring at 3mbps.  
What's your speed? Please share.  
Horpy SpoonDigger: shiggy is smokin.
crataegus: my results are blank for both upload and download.  
i must not be connected to the Internets.
Mac: >>Being an analyst in the IT field  
Then I'm sure you're aware that many ISPs cache access to these sites to artificially inflate their performance.
Horpy SpoonDigger: Mac, yes some ISP's inflate their bandwith speeds. PCmag had this article no less than 4 days ago.  
The White Lies ISPs Tell About Broadband Speeds.  
That doesn't invalidate speedtests as a useful tool.
pdxpogo: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  
FIOS a bit disappointed on the upload but I can DL like a sonofabiotch
Silly Me
This is my house to New York Coast to Coast so to speak the upload speed is much improved.