Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
I returned 10 days ago from my latest canoe trip into the BWCA. I was able to take some good pics. However I was fortunate enough to come across a pair of nesting loons. The diligent mother and father to be made their nest not too far from my campsite. I've come across loon's nests before but never one this exposed. They were very trusting and would often come over and play, call, fish and dance on the water in front of my campsite. They allowed us get fairly close to them as long as you were quite. They were not however as accepting to the bald eagles nesting nearby. One of the eagles liked to sit on a high tree limb that was outstretched across the water on a point that was very close and within site of the Loon's nest. It was a very good fishing spot. The loons would wail nonstop at the eagle until it would leave.  
What a fantastic trip! Spectacular scenery as always and majestic wildlife. I always feel blessed when I'm allowed a glimpse into their world. Inevitably the day always comes when I am reminded that I am but a visitor to their home and must return to mine. I thank them for being such gracious hosts.  
I especially thank that large black bear who lived across the bay from me. Although you came down to the shores edge every morning at dawn you never once felt the need to come over and tear the hell out of my camp. Which is more than I can say for some of your relatives behavior on previous visits. Thank you.  
I was able to get quite a few photos of them but these are the best ones.  
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LinusMines: Fine photographs...and great-looking birds, too.
bozino: werd. more pics, please
FoolProof: Don't let 'em down, Horpster.
FoolProof: I said...