Linkfilter Consulting Group (a division of BISCO™)
Posted by darkstar 11 years ago
Inspired by chatter, LinkFilter Consulting Group offers a wide range of core competencies to meet your every personal and business consulting need! Just look at the geekery and competence we have to offer!  
(Please feel free to comment with your suggestions!)  
{Inspired by the following chatter...  
Fluffy> geeks: need help  
Fluffy> I mean I need help from one or more geeks  
darkstar> what particular field of geekery?  
darkstar> I'm chemistry, politics, history and linguistics  
darkstar> For computers, cuisine, automotive repair, etc., I'll need to redirect you.  
Fluffy> computer geek  
darkstar> Ah.  
darkstar> What particular area of computer geekery?  
bear> how's the guitar playing fluffy?  
Fluffy> looking at a new PC, thinking I want to build it myself  
darkstar> bear's travel, computers and guitars  
Fluffy> bear: I have a bruise under the callus under my index finger  
LowFlyingMule> geeks here!  
Fluffy> it hurts to type  
* * * bear is a geek?  
bear> wow bruises that's playing too hard I think  
bear> hi darkstar  
Fluffy> my question: can I just take my HD out of my current PC, swap it into the new one, and be up and running with minimal hassle?  
darkstar> LFM's dachshunds, 16th Century madrigals and sex counseling.  
bear> fluffy did you see my last journal about computers?  
bear> fluffy most likely but you may run into some driver issues  
bear> if you can get it into safe mode you should be able to get it running again if nto just reinstall windows on the same drive and all your other data will still be there  
bear> what OS?  
* * * FuzzyDave knows better than to suggest buying a Mac.  
Hugh2d2> Be careful... the HAL (hardware access layer) might prevent you from even booting to safemode if the hardware is too different from theoriginal.  
Fluffy> XP  
bear> hugh is right but still you can just install it on top of existing drive assuming you have the same windows install cd  
bear> your programs and all yoru files will still be there  
darkstar> Fuzzydave is documentaries, bordellos and teh funny.  
bear> or another nice way to do it is install your old drive as a slave  
bear> then copy whatever you need to your new drive, format it and then you have all yoru files with a nice clean OS that doesnt' have a lot of plaquey buildup from installing and uninstaling programs over the years  
FuzzyDave> ??  
darkstar> Hugh, evidently, is computers and alien-human hybridization.  
bear> then you also have your slave drive for mp3s or whatever large files you use  
bear> d* make a blog about it and let people suggest what others titles/jobs here should be for fun I bet it'd be funny the suggestions we get  
FuzzyDave> whatchoo talkin bout, darkstar?  
darkstar> fd: our areas of geekery ;)  
Hugh2d2> That's exactly what I would do Bear. Install it as a slave drive and go with no issues. (Sometimes an install of XP can go horribly wrong.)  
Fluffy> meh...I don't want to have to buy a new drive  
FuzzyDave> ahhhhh. tenk yu  
airbiskit: Vinfille: wine and dogs
vinfille: I also do aroma/flavor, cooking, and the history of bootlegging.  
Dar's in for bees, bikes, and Arabic language/culture.
Hugh2d2: Beaglebot is bathtubs and bento.  
FoolProof: Someone needs to make a chart.
AB: Details, man, details!  
What kind of chart?  
Do you want pretty colors?  
Should there be representative pictures of the area of specialty alongside the users' avatars?  
What font?  
And finally...  
How much can I expect to get out of you in commissions? ;)
FoolProof: Figure it out  
Don't care  
Nothing :)
AB: Not until you give me a title. Then, maybe.
FoolProof: Linkfilter Matrix For Assistance Organized According To User.  
or... LMFAOATU?  
Skill Set Registry for Open Community Support  
or... SsROCS?  
Everybody Does Something Put It Here  
or... EDSPIH? (Doesn't really have a ring to it)
FoolProof: Get to work already!
AB: werking on it
FoolProof: That's better. :)
I nominate
bear: cornpone linkfilter endowment for the arts and new music chairman
shigpit: LOL you used "cornpone" and "endowment" in the same sentence.
FoolProof: First time for everything.
bear: linusMiles cat and rat wrangler
shigpit: Itinerary planning and Source Code Generation.
FoolProof: Don't forget resume padding. :)
darkstar: Mmm...resumé pudding...
FoolProof: With shady reference topping.
bear: shigpit baby rearing and baseball and NYC tour guide
What can I do?
pneum0nic: I'm good at making $#it up. With fabricated reference info...