Baby Today
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
Greg and I found out yesterday they've moved our induction date to this evening at 6 Pm. Because of the way they're doing it - slowly - I still probably won't have her until Wednesday morning, but I just wanted to keep friends updated on the subject. I'm excited!
LowFlyingMule: Any day now, you'll be a mommy!!
LinusMines: WOO HOO!
shigpit: We're there. :)
Good luck
SpearmintFur: Hope everything works out fine for you.
Hugh2d2: Babi!
darkstar: -yeah!!!
Got 'em
kingskyprawn: Got my fingers crossed for you!  
bozino: crossing fingers and toes for you.  
the linkfilter bebbi parade has now begun...
good luck!
FoolProof: Wish you well. All 3. =D