my letter to the tv station
I sent this to reply to a special on the mentally ill on the streets.It was nicely done but the reporter passed it off as a result of Ronald Reagans administration.Well I was in MH from 1976-1991 and thats not tis: I think your two parter on the issue of the mentally ill was timely and well done.I hope it gets peoples attention.My only comment (and bear in mind I worked in MH for 15years)is that it doesnt have anything to do with Ronald Reagan.The patient rights movement and the movement to deinstitutionalise the mentally ill were products of the 60's and 70's.They were both neccessary and good ideas but the truth is,the patient rights movement sabotages the attempt to provide care in the community.The advent of major psych drugs made the move towards outpatient community care possible but patient rights says they dont have to take the meds....until this is dealt with,you can fund care and provide services all you want,it wont effect the basic problem.
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