Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
ETA: Decided to go with google maps.  
I started a community via livejournal for people who knit in Arkansas. I'm looking to make a map, but only of Arkansas, and have it be like frapper so that I can put pins or markers on the map of where "cool" yarn shops are around Arkansas so that any new members can have a reference for recommended yarn shops. Does anyone know of a preexisting map program that will let me do this? I haven't even looked into seeing if Frapper offers this kind of thing. I figured people on linkfilter would know, though. I'd much rather use a pre-existing program than make one up myself. Thanks!
lagbnaft: Kassi, contact Jonathan over at The Map Room. I bet he'll be able to help you out as good if not better than anyone around.
lagbnaft: Also, have a look at this blog.
bear: create a google account and do my maps and give everyone the account info.